Rice Cultivation

Rice cultivation

Due to the growing rice production, we built a rice husking and packing plant in 2009, where the production of brown rice, A and B quality white rice in bulk and small units began.

We have been operating an IFS food safety system to ensure strict regulation of Hungarian food production and “field to table monitoring”. (View certificate: Kisújszállás, Mezőberény)

At our company, rice is dried, cleaned and stored on a separate line, and we process only rice in our processing plant, so we can ensure our consumers gluten-free.

We purchased a husking plant in Mezőberény in 2014, so we focused on processing rice raw material purchased in Békés county.

Due to the numerous developments and tender opportunities, our facility in Kisújszállás has built a rice mill for the purpose of expanding its product range, so we have started the production of rice groat and rice flour.

We also expanded our storage capacity for raw materials.

In addition to conventional cultivation, we also have bio-rice cultivation areas, we can process the rice from 2016 in our plant in Kisújszállás, the processing within controlled limits. The production of our organic products are controlled by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd. (HU-ÖKO-01)

Our goal is that the high-quality home-grown rice products we produce will win the satisfaction of our consumers.

Fazekas Gyula

trade manager

Kisújszállás külterület Igarió

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