Rice Cultivation

Rice cultivation

Our company pays special attention to rice cultivation. With continuous increase of the crop land we have achieved that 50% of the inland produce grows on the brink of Kisújszállás.

In 2009 we built a hulling and packing plant, which started the production in November 2009. The processing plant allows the continuous production, package and storage of the finished goods.

Corresponding to the specifications of the Hungarian Food Books we produce brown and type ” A” and “B” white rice then pack and sell it in ledig and small pack forms.

We operate a strict Food Safety System called ISO 22000, and materialize the theory “from the plough-land onto the table”.

Our goal is to win the consumers total satisfaction with our outstanding inland rice products.

Trading partners are welcomed.

Fazekas Gyula

trade manager

Kisújszállás külterület Igarió

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