Hunting, Economy of wildlife

Hunting, Economy of wildlife

Our stock-company utilizes its approximately 7977 hectares hunting area with allied hunting rights.

The area is located in the south-eastern region of Kisújszállás. 700 hectares of the hunting area is a rice-field where intensive rice production takes place.

The rice-fields at the time of vegetation forms a contiguous surface covered by water with its flooding and draining channel system, and mining-holes dispersedly on the land, the Hortobágy – Berettyó’s flood area which borders the area provides an excellent opportunity for hunting wildlife which lives on water.

Our area’s game capacity is average:

Roebuck supply 15 animals with
300 – 500 grams of trophy-weight
Small game: pheasant 100 animals,
hare 200 animals About 1000 various species can be found seasons of wildlife that live on water during hunting seasons

Our company’s hunting lodge can be found in Nagyrét 7 kms away from town in the geometrical center of the hunting area next to the motorway between Dévaványa – Kisújszállás, where 2 double and 1 three-bed rooms are to serve the guests.

The hunting lodge is of second-class and the prices comply with that.

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