Cultivation of plants

Cultivation of plants

On the field of cultivation of plants on farms the production of cereals, sunflower, corn, silo-corn, lucerne and rice, the cultivation of plants by irrigation and grain seed are significant.

Cereals (wheat and barley)
The area used for production of cereals is the one-fifth of the whole rented area and the yearly amount of production is between 5 and 6 tons per hectare. The amount over our own needs are being merchandised in a windmill – quality between the amount of 4500 and 5000 tons.

The company produces sunflower in integration with KITE Rt. on almost 500 hectares with an average amount of 2,5-3 tons per hectare.

The company pays a stressed attention to the production of rice. The 1501 hectares of rice fields yearly on 600 – 800 hectares with the production of 5 – 5.5 tons/hectare the company produces 2500 – 4000 tons of rice for sale. The rice-seed production is also significant at the company.

The company on its three, altogether 593 hectares linear-irrigated fields – on regions that are susceptible to drought – produces plants that crops that require regular irrigation, such as: green bean, pea, sweet-corn and hybrid corn.

The company besides the organistaion of agricultural complex works, it also undertakes parts of works with its modern and power-type engines and work-machines.

On the field of cultivation of plants the HACCP foodstuffs-safety system was realised in 2002 which ensures complemented with the track-following system the stricter and stricter rules of the quality of these kind of products.

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