Cattle farming

Cattle farming

Our company inside the field of husbandry also deals with cattle farming.

The 430 capacity milk-farm with its Holsten-friz breed’s genetical value is shown by the over 9000 litres of milk produced by one cow and the average lactation, which was:

  • 9437 kgs in 2005
  • 9378 kgs in 2006
  • 9504 kgs in 2007
  • 10032 kgs in 2008.

The amount of milk produced is 3,500,000 litres per year.

The breed is triplicate-free (the IBR exemption is in progress), the breeding and the milk production is done according to the rules of HACCP since 2002.

As an approval of the breeders’ work of the Holsten-friz type breed, we won the special prize of the Holsten-Friz Breeders’ Association in 2004 both at the XI. Husbandry days of the Great-Plains and at the VII. Husbandry days of Pannon as the cow which was given the grand prize was from our breed.

Sebők Gábor

breeding director

Kisújszállás külterület, Konta tanya

Phone: 59/520-788 mellék: 13.
Mobile: +36 30/415-4966

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